What is X-SCADA


X-SCADA Resembling a Person

It refers to the monitoring control function of SCADA system, which is also called centralized remote monitoring control system or monitoring control data collection system. It collects various status and information from PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) or remote terminal devices at the remote site and the field, and transmits them from the central monitoring, control system, and database to the information processing system using the network through the network(Ethernet or Serial communication). It is possible to analyze and control the transition of the transmitted data values, thereby which can effectively operate various facilities. It can be also called a system in which the central control system monitors and controls remote devices by collecting, receiving, recording, and displaying them by a remote terminal unit. It is used for various kinds of remote facilities such as power generation, transmission and distribution facilities, petrochemical plants, It is a system that can centrally monitor and control facility devices.


The integration with the core S/W X-SCADA and new technology of XISOM Inc. in the industrial 4th revolution provides the optimal solution for smart factory, smart city, smart grid, smart farm and smart water system and leads the smart market.


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